papa pear shooter wont move without holding down mouse button

bbjoeybbjoey Posts: 2 Newbie

Hi I downloaded the Papa Pear Saga app as the game won't play on Facebook anymore it's just a white screen, however the shooter won't move unless I hold down the mouse button which gives limited control and the pointer always ends up away from the red dots, I tried to uninstall but can't find away to, any idea how I could fix it and do you know if it will ever be back on Facebook. Thank you Liz


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    @bbjoey Hi and welcome, I am still having the same issue trying to play via browsers and standard troubleshooting not helped. playing via the win 10 app i find trickier than facebook game but i have to hold shoot button down to move aimer /red dots to where i want it and then release. to get the ball to shoot then i double click it and the ball shoots the direction i want. takes a little more getting used too

    Thank you

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  • bbjoeybbjoey Posts: 2 Newbie

    Hi I'm on windows 10 too, when I went on Facebook tonight the game was working but I had to come off then when I went back on it wasn't working again, it's so frustrating because I'm sick of the other games and because I'd been off PPS for a couple of years I found I was even more determined to finish a level untill I got so tired I was making silly mistakes but being back on it earlier just made the app even worse. As this is the King site could they not try to fix it on Facebook or bring out an app for computers only, I'm just missing it so much.. Many Thanks Liz

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