The Papa Pear - What is going on with this game?! 

The pears keep jerking all over the screen like something else is controlling them. They bounce in odd, jerking motions, and there is no progression in levels. The pears bounce horizonally. Sometimes they stop mid-screen altogether. Or the last one gets stuck in between two objects and the game won't end. I have to close the game manually to get it to clear. 

I've never had to buy boosters. I'm level 193 - no boosters and I always score pretty high. But this game seems to be screwed up now. 


  • RandleRandle Posts: 1,977

    Hey there lulzyou, I´m a huge Papa Pear fan and play it a lot, but I´ve never experienced something similar. Have you tried to play in another browser? If not, give it a try with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example. As far as I know, the latest version of Flash is required for most of the online games; you can download this from

    Sometimes a simple restart of the device can do miracles as well and I'd recommend you as per my own experience to regularly clear the cache of your browser and to close other tabs and running programs before you start to play. If this doesn't improve your game-play, check out for troubleshooting and you can contact their support too.

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