Our Pap'Art Gallery Artist answers all your questions!

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Hi guys :star: 

I know that most of you are waiting for the brand new levels to come out so while waiting why not get to know more about our fun-tastic game?!

If you ever wondered how levels are created and come to life, you've come to the right place! 

You surely remember passing some unusual levels, thinking "wow, how nice" and maybe some of them even vaguely reminded you of something? Well, that's right, you've been through our amazing Pap'Art Gallery where you could recognise, amongst others, the famous painting "Girl with a pearl earring" (Level 946 to 960).

Pap'Amazing, eh?!

Well, this week, our talented Pap'Art Gallery designer, @Lucky#7 is taking time to answer all you always wanted to know about this Episode and to share some behind-the-scene experiences

Please ask your question by commenting below and we'll do our best to satisfy your curiosity!
Just remember to be nice and polite ;)

But first, a bit about @Lucky#7          
"Hey all you Papa-Fans!

There is nothing to worry about anymore, as I am finally here!
You might wonder who the heck I actually am.

Well, don't wonder anymore - I am Lucky#7 and will help you conquering this pear-fect world!
How do I know so much about Papa Pear? It all started when I created some Papa levels.
Who of you is already at level 956? I bet most of you...

This episode is very dear to me as it's about Art, and I adore Art. So I created the legendary PapART Gallery - yippie!
Crazy, funny, challenging and just awesome 15 levels.
Since then I am part of the Papa Pear family and here at your service!
No matter if it's about background ideas, tips & tricks, issues in your game, the 7 world wonders... I am your Papa!

Therefore, I am waiting for your posts, folks!

Roger and out.

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