how to get rewards?

StarlightStarlight Posts: 7
I keep getting a notification on the game that there is a new challenge available. Where is that challenge at??


  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,207 Community Manager
    Hey there @Starlight, welcome to our vibrant Community!

    There's no link in the challenge notification, no button you can click? That should get you to the challenge. If not, try clear cache and cookies from your device and make sure you've installed the latest update. 

    If that still does not work, could you please share a screenshot and let us know what device you're playing on, please?

    Thanks :awesome:

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  • StarlightStarlight Posts: 7
    There is no link to click unless its hidden somewhere. I do not have a screen shot of it, when it does pop up again I'll take a screen shot.  I am on a PC using Chrome, with the latest update.
    Was there supposed to be a prize at level 500? There is a treasure box with an arrow pointing to it. 
  • StarlightStarlight Posts: 7
    here is the new challenge message i get and yes i have cleared the cache and cookies
  • StarlightStarlight Posts: 7
    Any help please???
  • StarlightStarlight Posts: 7
    got another one... i click on the check mark, and it just takes me back to the game screen.
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,373 Community Moderator
    The Papa Challenge has now ended and therefor the icon is also missing on the game map. The message must pop up by mistake obviously. I will report this to the game studio! 
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