Level 251 and level 200s problems

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Out of 51 levels in the level 200s, I quit in every level. It is impossible to finish 100 levels in 1 month. I reported 800 glitches within πŸ’― levels. 😒😒

Level 251 is very hard. It is impossible to use 8 power-ups in 20 moves, here is an option:

Nerf this level like:

*Improve this level with 27 moves πŸ˜€
*Have two LESS πŸ˜€ power-ups in this level πŸ˜€

This improves this level better.


  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 81 ✭✭
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    I rated one star in app store and I reviewed, very shortly,

    "There are at least 800 glitches we have ever seen in Papa Pear Saga in the level 200s, notably level 238 and 247. Out of 60 levels starting level 195, 48 was the hardest. This makes frustration, with level 240 and 243. We need some nerfs for most levels in the 200s and 300s in this game. Within a month, everything will be fixed. I am so sorry for the developer for this. I reported comments about what happened in this game because there is no King Care in this game due to a bug."

    This glitch is NOT fixed during update. In 100 levels starting level 200, 84 levels were hard, including 9 hardest levels, notably level 238, 240, 243, 247, 250, and 251.
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    Level 252 and 254 is also very hard, I said. We need major improvements!
  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 81 ✭✭
    On the third picture, it is an annoying glitch that the fruit was stuck on top of the onions and a horizontal pea pods. It is NOT FIXED! The update β€œ100% glitch-free” proved wrong, as 40% (about 800 of them) are glitches.
  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 81 ✭✭
    It is likely that the game was updated tomorrow. In 100 levels starting level 200, there were 5000 glitches and 8000 bugs when it happened and 92 hard to impossible levels.
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    @Evan_Lei ;

    Thanks for the feedback πŸ‘ We'll make sure this gets passed on to the studio but we can't promise you any changes will be made πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‰

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
    Royal Championship, whaaat πŸ§ Check it out here
    Give feedback on Community here!
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