How does the Pepper work level 994, 1003

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I do not understand L994.  Typically, when you hit the pepper head, the circular peppers will turn transparent, and you can get whatever the element is inside. On this level, no matter what I do, I can't get the circular peppers to change. When they DO change, I have no idea how or why. I got to looking closely, and noticed the circular peppers were two different colors. So if the two pepper heads were red and green, and the circular peppers were red and green, that meant I had to hit both pepper heads... or so I thought! I do that, and the circle of peppers do not go transparent.  So I'm playing totally blind and by luck, because I do not know what I'm supposed to do. 

HELP!! :( 


  • ellkayellkay Posts: 66 ✭✭
    I do NOT understand how the pepper heads work. On level 1003 in particular, no matter which pepper head I hit, the peppers on the bottom will not turn transparent so that a pear pass through to go in the buckets. It is only until I'm down to just a few moves left when finally two colors will turn transparent. Why do they not turn transparent when I hit the big pepper heads?  These are the WORST obstacles of all! They are worse than the spikeys, the magnetized peanut, all of them! They are horrible!  I'm so close to finishing all the levels, but this level is going to force me to just say "F' IT"!! I need some tips on how to make the peppers transparent, because me hitting them doesn't do it!  
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    Hi @ellkay !

    The Peppers are a bit tricky.

    When you shoot them they change colour from red to green to yellow and then back to red. 

    As soon as you have one of the Peppers in one of the three colours, the blocker in that specific colour will appear on the level. As soon as any of the colours are completely missing a from all Peppers, the blocker in that colour will get transaparent.

    For example, if all Peppers are green, the red and yellow blockers are transparent. If the Peppers are in red and green, no yellow blocker will appear. 

    If you have Peppers in all three colours, then all blockers will be "live". 

    Let me know if you didn't get that or if you have any further questions.

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    Hi Cat, 

    No, I didn't quite understand what you said. "Blocker"?  What is a Blocker?  WHY would King put such a hard obstacle that is confusing to disable?  It's a guessing game pretty much, and luck.  

    Thanks for answering, but I'm still not understanding. I thought if the "ring of peppers" were yellow, then you hit the yellow pepper head. Nope, that doesn't do it.  If there's multiple heads, and same color, you have to guess which one will turn the pepper rings transparent.  It makes no sense. NONE. :(  King didn't have to go this far to make it so difficult to turn them transparent. 
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,227 Community Moderator
    By blocker I mean the group of small chilies that are in the same colour as the Pepper, that either are transparent and the way is open or blocks the game for you. 

    Like here below you'll find a line of Pepper blockers: 

    For example, if all Peppers above are green, the red and yellow blockers will be transparent and the green ones visible and blocking the game. If the Peppers are in red and green, only the yellow ones will be transparent and the red and green ones blocks the game.

    I hope this clarified the Peppers, but let me know if you have any more questions. 

    If you wanna take a break from the high tough levels, check out the League competition where you can win Gold Bars. Simply scroll down to level 99, play the level and post your score. You find all details here
  • ellkayellkay Posts: 66 ✭✭
    Thanks so much, Cat for the explanation! They are still the most hardest, wicked obstacles to get through! The pears bounce, and changing the colors back again and again! You really have no control over them! :(  But the episode I'm in now, thankfully, there hasn't been a whole lot of the levels with those nasty peppers! And if they are, there's not many to deal with. :)

    So for the competition game, I just need to scroll back down to Level 99, and then post my score?  Can't people just post whatever they want (score)? LOL!

    Thanks again, Cat! I appreciate all your help!
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,227 Community Moderator
    I fully agree! They are super hard these Peppers, but if I have passed some of those levels, I'm sure you will too. Just don't give up, keep bouncing!

    In the League competition you will need to play level 99 and post the score you got there. 
  • ellkayellkay Posts: 66 ✭✭
    Post it where? And do you (they) take your word for it what your score is? Do you have to beat the score that was in the game by other players? For instance, one player in my group of friends got over 394,000. Do I have to beat that? :) lol 
  • ellkayellkay Posts: 66 ✭✭
    Oh, and BTW, is there an easier way to scroll the map to get back down to level 99?  
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,227 Community Moderator
    I saw that you already posted a great score on the Week 1 page. You have the next level in Week 2 here.

    At the moment there are no easier way to scroll down the map. 
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