Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga : How to begin a pet-tacular new adventure!

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Dive in the wild world of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga!

Meet Fern...

Fern is a friendly, kind-hearted and adventurous fox.  She’s a true animal-lover who’ll go to the ends of the earth to help any pet in peril.

Fern needs a friend to join her in her travels from far-away warm tropical islands to chilly arctic peaks.  You’ll be in for a globe-trotting world of adventure, finding and rescuing the missing pets!  

Flying in Fern's Zeppelin you'll make your way from one beautiful location to the next and follow a puzzling trail which leads to the anxious animals.  Set them free and you’ll collect rewards to build a forever-home for them.  Everyone wins!

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga sets you the challenge of grouping and removing the barrier of blocks, clearing the way for the pets to reach safety.  Simply spot two or more blocks of the same color and you can carve a path for the pet to find freedom.  You’ll be given a number of moves to meet your goal, so be sure to make every turn count!

To help you in your pet-tacular efforts, you’ll be able to use tools and boosters which are created in the level as you play.

Line Blaster Booster

Matching colors in groups of 6-8 blocks will create a Line Blaster booster 


Bomb booster 

Matching colors in groups of 9-13 blocks will create a Bomb booster.


Color Pop booster

Matching colors in groups of 14 and more will create a Color Pop booster.

Each time you see blocks of the same color alongside each other in right quantities, you’ll see a shape of the booster shown on the blocks, to remind you of the booster benefit you’ll receive by clearing this group.

Boosters can also be blended with each other to give even more blast for your buck!

When you tap a booster, any neighboring booster will be mixed with it to make it even bigger and stronger, firing off automatically.  Bumper booster!

Alongside the ones you’ll make in the game by grouping blocks, you’ll also have other ways to gather these handy helpers as you rescue the pets, or they can be bought using your gold bars.



Level Types

You’ll find three different level types, easily identified from the level map screen.

Orange levels are ‘Classic Rescue’ levels, where your task is to save the pet by maybe lowering them past a life-line into a lifebuoy ring, or in underwater levels, the pets will float up to the life ring. When you see an egg, you’ll need to match next to it to free the chick.  Different pets have different needs and also have different fun reactions, so watch out for them!

Blue levels are ‘Block’ levels, where your goal is to meet the target number of each block type.  A block can be one set by its color, or could be plants, ice and other items you can collect by tapping them when they’re grouped together.

Green levels are ‘Vine Rescue’ levels, where you’ll lead a critter along the vine to safety.  High up on the vine will be a pet that needs your help.  You’ll need to clear the vine’s path so the pet can scurry its way along it to freedom.

You’ll also see special markers on the map screen showing where there’s a new pet to be rescued and take home.


The Boosters:

Through caring for your pets, and playing levels, you’ll be able to make life easier by using a spectacular set of tools.  In addition to those already mentioned, you can also make the most of these essential extras.


The Super booster

Deals one hit to every block on the board.


Merged Line Blaster

Deals one hit to all blocks in a row and column.


Big ‘Piñata’ Bomb

Deals one hit to 36 blocks surrounding it.


Block Hammer

Deals one hit to the target you select.


Block Shuffle

Randomly shuffles and relocates the color blocks on the board.


The Blockers:

Blockers will be your obstacles in each level.  They’ll put a problem between you and your goal, so it’s great to understand how these work, so you can tackle them with ease.


To pop the bubbles, you’ll need to either blast them with a booster or move blocks inside the bubble then clear the blocks to make the bubble pop.


 Flower Block

Large flowers will cover the blocks you need to clear.  Match next to the flower so that it drops its petals and lets you through.


Virus Plant

Virus plants will occupy space and replace blocks if you don’t nip them in the bud (literally!).  Remove these intrusive weeds by matching next to them.



Match next to the ice to melt it down.  It might take more than one adjacent match to melt it all away!




There are timed bonuses in the game too, which will help you get through those tough levels.

2 x Score             - Multiplies your score so you can hit those targets with even fewer turns

+2 x Moves         - Gives two extra turns on the level so you can make that target

1 x Free Shot      - An extra turn with a booster picked at random for free!



Fern’s home with the pets


Fern will bring each pet rescued back to her home.  Here you can help take care of the pets and build the house for Fern so everyone can feel at home.

Once the pets are rescued, they can relax at the home and spend some time fishing.  By spending time and taking care of your pets, you can collect extra things you can use in the game, like lives and boosters.

The poor pets have been through quite an ordeal and will need some tender loving care.  They’ll sometimes be hungry or need some to be bathed, but they’ll thank you for looking after them too with gifts and love.

The home for your pets is your very own space and can be built up just how you like it.  As you move through the levels, you’ll be given more options to expand your cute and homely for the pets to hang out.  Don’t like how things look?  Don’t worry, you can change things around too – so mix and match to see how you like it most!

You can access the pet home using the home button the map screen, the pre-game screen and the end-of-level screen.


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