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MsOrleans86MsOrleans86 Posts: 2
How can I purchase power ups with coins? When I go to the store it only gives me options to purchase packages with gold. 


  • Pummy RajPummy Raj Posts: 3,109 Superstar
    Hello @MsOrleans86, Hearty Welcome to the Pet Puzzle section of our friendly King Community :)  

    When you said "Coins" -- I am assuming you are talking about the Silver Coins that are visible in the top right corner of the Game Map but not the Gold Bars!!

    If so, when playing a level -- all the boosters are shown at the bottom of the screen for us to use.  If you click on one of those power-ups, you will have to click on that certain one.  And you will see the window like below.... I have a picture of Hammers 

    If you see above picture, with 1000 Coins, you can buy 1 Hammer.  If you need to buy more than one Hammer, you will have to spend your Gold Bars.  These prices vary for each power-up booster and you will have to spend more coins depending on that Booster.

    Hope this clarifies.  If you need to post back, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below.

    Thank you for posting in the Community!  Have a nice day/evening!
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