Behind the Puzzle - Inside information about levels in Lakeside Cabin & Frost Garden

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An update with two episodes and in total 40 new puzzles are out now! 

Lakeside Cabin 
levels 791-810

13 Rescue the Pets levels 
4 Remove all the Blocks levels

3 Vine levels 

 Frost Garden
levels 811-830.  

14 Rescue the Pets levels 
4 Remove all the Blocks levels

2 Vine levels 

 On level 793 you will need to take the control of the Virus Plant to rescue the Big Pets.

Level 794 is full of Pet Carriers to open! Use the Pinatas to get through all the Color Locks to rescue the Pets from the Carriers.

797 is another tricky Pet Carrier level with Planks and Ice blocking!

On 798 the level is full of Cages! Try to make Pinata Bombs and Line Blasters to free the Pets from the Cages if they fall in.

Many things to focus on when playing level 813. Slide through the Vines, hatch the Eggs and rescue the Pets. Multitasking required here.

On 824 you will need to get the Rotoblasters in the right direction to clear the Dark Clouds and the Ice that are covering the planks.

Level 827 is full of Ice! Use the Color Pop and Pinata Boosters wisely to rescue the pets through the Ice.

You will need your magic fingers to get all the Rabbits from all Magic Hats on level 830. There's plenty of them...

Good luck!

Did the Color Locks lock you in on the tricky levels?
Did the Ice melt in your hands quickly so it wasn't even a challenge for you?
Or did the Rabbits keep getting down in the hats all the time? 
How many times did you get the party started in these episodes? 


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