(Finished) Which Pet can jump the highest? Guess and win Gold Bars!

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In the last race where the pets ran, Mopsy the Rabbit was the fastest and won the competition. All players in her team shared also 250 Gold Bars. 

The next challenge is to jump and the pet that jumps the highest will win this competition.

Vote and comment here below which pet you think will and get the chance to win Gold Bars if you guess right!

The winning team will win 300 Gold Bars to share. Meaning 300 Gold Bars are to be shared among all the players that voted for the highest jumping pet. 

Remember to both vote and comment to participate in the competition.  

That frogs can jump away very quickly you probably already know, but can Fabio the Frog jump the high as well? If you think he can jump the highest, vote Frog

Mopsy the Rabbit won the last race, but does it mean that she will win this competition as well? If you are team Mopsy, then choose Rabbit

Dixie the Ragdoll cat nifty and smart as cats are. If you think she can jump the highest when tempting her with a can of tuna up on a shelf, you should vote Cat

Lee the Boston Terrier dog loves to run, play and jump around. If he jumps the highest that's not so sure in this tough competition, but if you think he will, vote Dog

Milo the Chimpanzee with all his monkey business can climb in the trees and swing him around quickly in the tree tops. If you think he also will jump the highest when he's on the ground, then vote Monkey

You have until Monday 26 August 12:00 CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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(Finished) Which Pet can jump the highest? Guess and win Gold Bars! 42 votes

Eiliesha_JarmanPummyRajden4lin197SabrinaMmysticalmystyanonimovheidib52ruiva001Gatinha10joyashbe59shroomsgrlswtnyumyluanacbelisagkeith11margarethSa2310SteelPlayerAa55dogperson 21 votes
QueenBAngel1207chuleikaBarbtart1 4 votes
bearwithmezarniSavieeKris10MKitKathySuzyQkris12878 6 votes
Jelly JennyXarlyLavender 3 votes
QueenMiasmokypat73cdstilkeyprincessdenmaggiew18041Tabicatkalysta1DaggiV 8 votes


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