Behind the Puzzle - Inside information about levels in Dreamy Streams

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An update with twenty new puzzles are out now! 
Levels 831-850 in Dreamy Streams. 

13 Rescue the Pets levels 
5 Remove all the Blocks levels

2 Vine levels 

Level 832 has Pets in both the Pet Carriers, on the Vines and you will also need to hatch the Eggs. Many things to focus on on this level. 

Most likely the trickiest level in this episode is probably level 839. Full with Ice, Cages, Virus Plants and Wood & Planks, but don't panic, you can do it! 

On level 842 the Color Locks will make it difficult for you. Don't forget to use the Color Pop Boosters on the sides to open the Color Lock and rescue all the Pets before you run out of moves. 

846 is full with Bubbles and more Bubbles. Don't miss the Boosters in the center which gives you an exploding help on the level.

849 Super cloudy level with both small and big Pets to rescue. Let's see how you navigate through this levels due all the Clouds. 
Good luck!

Did the Color Locks lock you up on some level?
Did the Clouds get cleared quicker than you thought?
Were you able to hatch all the eggs in this episode?
How many times did you get the party started in these episodes? 


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