Pet Puzzle Memory - Round 3 (finished)

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This is Round 3 of Pet Puzzle Memory!

In Round 1 and Round 2 six of the ten matches were found. Clover, Elwood, Pickles, Dash, Twix and Zip were found which already are up in the game in this round. Let's see if you can find all the remaining four matches in the second round. 

If you get a match you will win Gold Bars as follow, the Panda will give you 50 Gold Bars, all Cats and Dogs 25 Gold Bars and all Other Pets 10 Gold Bars

Post here below which two cards you pick and think is a match. For example "I choose cards A1 and B2". 

Please note that you can only make one pick of two cards in every round of the game. If you post twice or pick several cards, it's only your first choice of two cards that counts. 

On Tuesday 20 August I will reveal all the eventual matches and the players who found two equal cards will get their Gold Bars. If there are any matches left next Tuesday, the cards will go to Round 4 and you will have a further chance to win the Gold Bars. 

Also you can't pick the exact same cards that another player already chose. For example, if a player chose A1 and B2, you cannot make the same choice, but A1 and C3 is ok or B2 and C3. 

Even though you didn't participate in Round 1 or 2, or if you already won in the first two rounds, you are welcome to play Round 3! 

You have until 27 August 9:00 CET to pick two cards if you wanna win Gold Bars!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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