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Behind the Puzzle - Inside information about levels 911-930

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,645 Community Moderator
edited November 2019 in Discussions

An update with 20 new puzzles are out now! 
Levels 911 to 930!

11 Rescue the Pets levels 
(913, 915, 916, 917, 919, 920, 922, 925, 927, 928, 930)

6 Remove all the Blocks levels
(912, 914, 918, 921, 923, 926)

3 Vine levels
(911, 924, 929)

After the Vine level on 911, the next one is a blocker, literally. Six Red Blocks to clear on 912, but they are covered in Ice and also surrounded by a Color Lock. Once you get access to the Red Blocks, don't leave any Block alone since the six ones are the only Red Blocks on the level.

Keep in mind that there are very few combinations on level 916 to start with. Therefore clear the Ice and Water Bottles wisely to get more blocks into the game board and then be able to open all Pet Carriers. 

Level 918 looks easy, but it has a catch. Save the Blue Blocks above till the end so you can match them with the four that you have in the bottom. Otherwise you'll end up with unmatchable blocks! 

Level 919 is something eggstra, but it's the Pet Carriers that are the tricky part and not the Nests with Eggs. If you manage to get a Color Pop, Line Blaster, Pinarta Bomb combo or 2x Color Pop, then you'll done in no time. Otherwise many Line Blasters are needed to rescue the Pets beneath. 

The Dark Clouds means trouble, so as well on level 922. Luckily you have the Rotoblasters on this level to clear them, but you will need to make some horizontal Line Blasters as well to be able to clear all Dark Clouds and Ice.

Make as many Pinata Bombs as you can is the only or at least best way to complete level 925. The Planks and Ice are tough, but the Pinata Bombs can get you through this.

If you missed the Magic Hats, now it's your turn to show your Magic moves on level 928 where you need to pull up six Rabbits. Make sure to clear the Plants and Ice quickly so the moves will last for three consecutive matches for the Magic Hats.

Good luck! 

Did you see a Diamond popping up suddenly on a level? 

According to Fern some players now get Diamonds once and awhile on some levels.
After matching Blocks next to the Diamond two times, it will give you 2 Extra Moves!
Pawsome, huh?
Are you one of the lucky ones?

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