Behind the Puzzle - Inside information about levels 931-950

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An update with 20 new puzzles are out now! 
Levels 931 to 950!

11 Rescue the Pets levels 
(933, 935, 936, 939, 940, 941, 944, 945, 946, 947, 948)

2 Remove all the Blocks levels
(931, 934)

6 Vine levels
(932, 938, 942, 943, 949, 950)

1 Mystery Pet level

The new levels start with seven Pet Carriers under the Ice on level 931. Don't clear them too quickly. No further turquoise blocks will appear on the level. You will need to match the Pet Carriers with the blocks that the levels starts with. 

Level 933 is flood level. You will need to focus on the Plants and Ice in the middle to clear the way for the Pets. Then clear the Water Bottles to get the water up on the game board. 

Level 935 looks easy and straight forward, but don't get fooled by its appearance!
In the bottom there's two Eggs under the brick wall. You need to get two blocks of the same colour in the middle to clear the ice on the Pinata Bombs next to the Eggs.
Then finally hatch the two last Eggs under the brick walls with the Pinata Bombs. 

Finally a Mystery Pet level again on level 937! This one is tricky though. Try to clear the two Planks in the bottom under the Mystery Pet and the level gets so much easier. Making Pinata Bombs and/ or Line Blasters is the only way to get the Planks away and to get control over the Virus Plants that come from above.

Level 944 has four Big Pets to rescue with both Dark Clouds, Ice and Planks under them. Make Line Blaster and Pinata Bombs to give the Big Pets a push so they smash all the blockers under them. 

Line Blasters, Line Blasters and more Line Blasters is the secret to clear all the cages on level 948.

Eggs, eggs and more eggs on level 950. Then four Pets on that where of two on Vines. It's a tricky final in this update. Clear the Ice asap and don't forget to use the Pinata Bombs wisely that you find under the Ice. Wisely, meaning combining them with Line Blasters. That makes the pawsome magic on the level. 

Good luck!

Did you see a scary plant popping up suddenly on a level and putting vines on some blocks?
It's the Villain that has grown into some player's games. 

Check out more info about the Villain here

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