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Hey all,

I just want to rant about a few things with this game. So when I first download it, of course I signed into FB to save my progress. Unfortunately, I have a crappy phone with a known problem with it wiping everything off my SD card that I had to buy bc the phone didn't have enough space on it since these stupid phone companies LOVE to load the phones up with their apps and a bunch of other apps that I'm guessing most ppl never even open, and on top of it, they aren't able to be deleted unless you root your phone which then voids any warranty. 

Back to the game... So I've had to redownload the game 4-5 times now. The first time I deleted the game bc I was logged in to my FB account and got stuck on a level and couldn't pass it and only had 46 coins so I couldn't buy any power ups, and would only be able to get 3-4 extra lives from helping my pets. So I restarted the game and didn't log in to FB so of course bc of my phone wiping my SD card at least 3-4 times I've had to restart the game, no big deal, I really like the game a lot. I just wish there was a map so I could go back and redo levels if I get stuck. But I understand bc of the detail of the house for the pets, but what I don't understand is, the raccoon raiding other players has been modified so now you only go to the safe room with the 3 safes and can only earn 100 coins total. 25 in one safe, 75 in another safe, and the other one is empty. I can live with that since now I don't log on and find that 2,000 coins are now gone and I only end up getting maybe 500 back from revenge. Then there was enough room to add that stupid vine villian but not to add the map back.... 🤔 I'd rather have the map tbh and I'm sure mostly everyone else would. I started playing after the map was gone so I wasn't used to it like I was with Blossom Blast and I had to redownload that and when I saw the map gone, I nearly cried. That and Bubble Witch 3 are my fave King games. Well B.B. was one of my faves. Now I refuse to play it. Luckily, I haven't done any updates on my old phone that's not activated but can use on wifi, so I still have the map in B.B. on that phone. 

Anywho... Idk why, maybe bc my brain isn't working properly bc it's a sauna in the apartment I share with a friend, but I decided to connect to FB again today with this game forgetting I had pretty much no coins and was stuck on a level. I connect and I go back to 46 coins from just about 1000 coins, I think I have the same amount of pets, but instead of being on the level I was stuck on which I think was 90, now I'm on level 100 which I got up to in the game before I reconnected to FB. And now I'm stuck on level 100. I keep ending up with only one object left to clear. Level 100 requires you to clear 4 of the big white flowers, and clear the green things that have white flowers then turn green so they take 2 moves to get rid of. I can't afford any power ups, and when I'm down to one life or out of lives, only one of my pets needs something, but when I have 4-5 lives, 3-4 pets need stuff. Also, one of my pets wants a hat that costs 300 coins... Like I said, I now have only 36 coins and can't earn coins if I can't beat levels which I can't beat right now, probably bc I need a power up. I also am not happy with what's in the presents from the pets. 5 mins of one free power up, 5 mins of 2 extra moves, amd other useless crap. I want actual power ups, or coins, or something that will help me. 5 mins of one free power up which I always get the switching blocks one or maybe the hammer. The cost of the power ups is also absurd. 1000 or 2000 coins for ONE power up? Really?!?!? Then the pointless gems in the game that give you 2 "extra" moves but it takes 2 moves to get one and they're never near the blocks you need to clear to complete the requirements of the level. So, to me, they're just useless and I don't bother with them. Then, the stupid red vine things that keep popping up if you don't get rid of one on a turn. The last level I did with them in it was terrible bc I had no way to get rid of them bc I needed to bring the box with an animal down and they were below the ice and I was above it bc there was like 3-4 rows of ice then those red vine things that took over the only clear space I had under the box. 

Overall, I do like the game a lot. I played the first one but got stuck on a level under 50, can't remember which one, so I got frustrated after trying to beat it and completely stopped playing the game. I understand that games are supposed to get harder as you beat levels, but when you can't even beat a level under 50 without having to use all your free power ups and the free gold bars, that's a little ridiculous. Also, I hate that the game gives you 3 free power ups, but forces you to use one when they introduce you to the power up which is on an easy level that you don't need to use a power up. So you only actually get 2. I refuse to buy power ups or buy anything in a game that's supposed to be free. I know the creators need to make money too, but I'm not able to work right now so when I do have some money, I need to buy things I actually need in real life. A lot of ppl live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford to spend lots of money just to beat a stinking level in a game that's supposed to be fun. I have spent money in some games before when I had a job, but you shouldn't HAVE TO spend money just to beat a level. If you want to spend money to buy other stuff in the game, that's cool, but you shouldn't be forced to so you can get to the next level. Also, 85-95% of the time when I finally get to the 3rd level in party time where you finally start with power ups, I always lose the level and have to start back at one, then I replay the level and beat it with multiple moves left... I'm pretty sure that's done on purpose. The highest I got on the party time thing I think is level 10... I can't remember. But mostly I get to 3 and lose it on the next level. Then there's the back to back hard and super hard levels... Some of the normal levels are harder than the "hard" levels. The last thing is trading the parrot 30 gold bars for ONLY 30 coins. We should get 300 coins. Not 30. I don't have $2.99 to spend on the 30 gold bars so it's unfair I only get a measly 30 coins, which depending on what your pet wants is only good for 2 extra lives. 

Ok. Enough with my rant. I do have almost all of the games made by King bc I find them fun, entertaining and I do like a challenge. I just don't like to be stuck on a level for 4-6 weeks at a time bc I can't buy power ups.


  • taistekotaisteko Posts: 1 New Bee
    Gostaria de saber por que não tenho disponível o guaxinim e os diamantes que dão mais 4 jogadas? Pois todos que conheço e que jogam  tem, até mesmo em níveis mais baixos que estou , como faço para ficar disponível? Por favor me ajudem os níveis estão ficando difícil, estou até pensando em excluir o jogo por conta disto, aguardo retorno

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