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Which Fern are you?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 3,121 Community Moderator
edited January 28 in Discussions
Fern has many sides and is a fantastic rescuer and puzzle solver. 

Which of Fern's personalities would suit you the best? 

Vote, comment and let us know which one describes you the best! 

Which Fern are you? 17 votes

The hard working and career focused Fern
QueenB 1 vote
Social, fun and the friendly Fern
kiara_waelFoley1362mysticalmystySeraphicStarbearwithmeLola_PopSeikadebrichmondMokoko_Marduke 9 votes
Party animal!
BQN537suzygreen_67 2 votes
The Loving and flirty Fern
Crazy Cat LadLaura_Lettsomefirebombmarkuschristine88lhanna 5 votes


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