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Logging in every time

pearl57pearl57 Posts: 5 New Bee
edited February 12 in Support

I’ve notice I have to log in each time wmwhen I’m playing this game. Don’t get me wrong I really like this game however I don’t like the concept of playing the game. I’m on level 210 and it had me log out and sign back in again which I did and now it’s saying I’m on level 197????? It’s kind of annoying because I’ve used all my gadgets and I’m confused. I was on level 210 and because I had to log back in again it’s saying 197. Can someone please help me. Also it’s done this to be before.

  1. How does the game work? Do you have to log in each time and how does it not save your level?
  2. Why do I have to use my WiFi just to play this game can I not play on it offline?


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