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MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager
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Hey there fellow pet fan! :waving:

We want to get to know you all! That's why we are opening up a thread like this, because the more we know each other, the more we can celebrate this awesome community!

I'll start with myself; Hello everyone, I'm Mark. I’m from Denmark and I live in Barcelona. I’m one of the Community Managers here at King together with my fantastic and beautiful colleagues - XarlyQueenMia and CezDiamond. I'm friendly, approachable and I like to be around people with the same kind of energy. I'm technically skilled and I also love making home cooked meals – especially lasagna!  The biggest lasagna I ever made was 3,2kg (that’s over 7 pounds if you’re from USA). My favorite games are currently Pet Puzzle, Candy Friends and Farm Heroes.


We also have great Super Stars kindly helping out. They are:
@Alansmart - @Alessandro_S - @Chicken_Slayer - @Elsa - @firebombmarkus - @[email protected] - @JustPlaying - @Lynette and @Pummy_Raj

If you like to know more about them then have a look here :)

You'll recognize them by the 3 stars on their profile. They're the sweetest, please be nice to them and they'll go the extra mile to help you out  3 

Enough of me now, it's your turn! Don't be shy and speak up, we would love to know you! :waving:

Welcome to the King Community! 

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  • ZulyaZulya Posts: 0
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager
    Hi guys :waving:

    So nice to meet you all :awesome:
    Some of you I have already seen here in the community :)

    I hope you´ll enjoy the game and share your feedback, ideas, and comments  <3

    Welcome to the King Community! 

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  • JahlisaJahlisa Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Hey there my name is Jahlisa and I'm new to this game so please send me some love and suppport. Thanks 😄
  • marscrushinitmarscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Legend
    Hi @Jahlisa and welcome to the game . 🤗I'm new to the game too but you came to the right place to make friends, get support, and discuss new ideas. 

    Keep crushing it 🍭
  • JahlisaJahlisa Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Nice to meet you @marscrushinit
  • chocolatedrop00chocolatedrop00 Posts: 2
    Hello everyone 
  • JahlisaJahlisa Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Hi @chocolatedrop00 nice too meet you
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 2,569 Legend
    Hi @Jahlisa and @chocolatedrop00. Nice to meet you both. 🙂

             🍫 be humble. be grateful. be kind. 🐳
  • JahlisaJahlisa Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Nice too meet you too @wafercookieflippers
  • chocolatedrop00chocolatedrop00 Posts: 2
    N8ce to meet u too
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