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Is Fern the Fox a boy, or a girl?

dianakotoridianakotori Posts: 36 Level 2
This is a question that has kept me awake at night ever since I started playing this game. Mind you, I'm blind as a bat and in the beginning I just thought it was a gigantic cat, lol. Fun fact is I used to believe Wilbur from Bubble Witch 3, was a dog. So please share your thoughts with me.

Is Fern the Fox a boy, or a girl? 12 votes

Of course she's a girl...
Eiliesha_Jarmanden4lin197marscrushinitmysticalmystybearwithmekathyroadendianakotoriruiva001millertracyarnplayerfire2ems1kalysta1 12 votes
Are you kidding me? He's obviously a boy...


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