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Who is the fastest pet? Guess and win Gold Bars. (finished)

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If the Pets in your Pet Home would run a race in the Olympics. Who do you think then would win the race? 
Vote and comment here below who you think will win!

The winning team will win 250 Gold Bars to share. Meaning 250 Gold Bars are to be shared among all the players that voted for the fastest pet. 

Do you think it's Beanie the Bear that will run ahead the others? Bears are strong and known for being good runners and climbers, so if you think he will win, vote Bear.  

Or is it Gizmo the Owl that will fly faster than the competitors can run. When you're flying then nothing is stopping you, right? Vote Owl if you think the wings will take you faster. 

Maybe Mopsy, the shy and timid rabbit can get to a speed that will crush any of the other pets here. Vote Rabbit if you believe in the power of bunnies. 

Ginger is "surprisingly" a Ginger Cat and of course very wise and nifty, perhaps she can figure out to be the fastest pet too? Then vote Cat.

Or do you think Jack Russels are fast dogs and can also beat the other pets here? Then you should vote for Twix and Jack Russel dog.

Remember to NOT help each other too much in the comments field. The fewer you are in the winning team, the more Gold Bars you will win each. Also a vote on the pet with least votes can be tactical to win most Gold Bars since the team will share the 250 no matter how many you are. 

You have until Monday 8 July 12:00 CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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Who is the fastest pet? Guess and win Gold Bars. (finished)

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