Behind the Puzzle - 'Emerald River' Inside information about the new levels

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An update with twenty new puzzles are out now, levels 751-770 in Emerald River.

15 Rescue the Pets levels 

1 Remove all the Blocks level

4 Vine levels 

 Level 752 is a match the Pet Carriers level where you need to keep your Booster combinations in mind. 

On 756 make sure to not leave any of the pets behind in this flooding level.

In order to rescue all Birds on 760, you will need to focus and show your best puzzle skills. 

Both White and Dark Clouds on 763, here you need to have the Rotoblaster in mind and make sure you have them in the right direction.

765 is a tricky level with both Magic Hats and Virus Plants. Use your moves very wisely to solve this puzzle.

Good luck!

Were you blocked at any level for long time? 
Did your pet slide on the vine smoother than you thought?
Or did the Virus Plant take over the whole game for you? 
How many times did you get the party started in this episode? 


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