Who's in the box? Let us know and win Gold Bars! (finished)

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Who's in the box that Fern catches and rescues just right in time. 

Tell us the story behind this picture!

Who of the pets is in the box and why did they suddenly fall from above in the hands of Fern. What happened? Why? How?
The three best, funniest and most amusing stories will win 50 Gold Bars each! 

Let your imagination flow and comment your story here below. 

You have until Wednesday 25 September 9:00 CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 8,197 Superstar
    Any storytellers out there?  Here's your chance to win some gold:  @Sabrina_Menin @Gatinha10 @ruiva001  @PummyRaj @shonshons@krowe4745 @heidib52 @shroomsgrl @mysticalmysty @smokypat73 @swtnyumy @Monika_Jaworek_@sheblunt @Leony @luanacb @KitKathySuzyQ @princessden @AmesDee @Lynette    
    I'm going to have to think a bit about a story @Crazy Cat Lad

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  • Karen_HetlandKaren_Hetland Posts: 3 New Bee
    edited August 2019
    I am on level alphabetty level 1440.  Having a hard time beating it.
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 5,601 Community Manager
    Hi @Karen_Hetland !

    AlphaBetty Saga has only 920 levels and this is the Pet Rescue Puzzle Community and Who's in the box competition. 

    If you have any questions about AlphaBetty, please head over to the game's pages here:
  • SteelPlayerSteelPlayer Posts: 45 Level 2
    Honestly...not too sure myself. I'll need some time too.
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 10,629 Superstar
    edited August 2019
    Hello @Crazy Cat Lad

    I think I will have to take a break... not at all good with stories!!!  Let me see and think really hard :D:D 

    But, when I look at the picture keenly, that cutie looks like "Stitch" from Lilo & Stitch cartoon!!  

    In the mean time, I will give a shout out to my expert friend of Pet Puzzle @Lynette to participate and start the story!  

    May be I can get some inspiration from her!!!  

    Hi @bearwithme! as usual, I have not received your tag :o

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  • dianakotoridianakotori Posts: 48 Level 2
    I just came up with something sort of depressing, lol. I need to think of a happy one! 
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 8,197 Superstar
    Oh @HellsBelle - what an awesome incredible story!  I absolutely love it!!!  You have certainly set the bar very high for the rest of us! 😊🤗🥰

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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  • HellsBelleHellsBelle Posts: 521 Level 5
    Thanks @bearwithme! 🤗 I had fun just writing what popped into my head in one sitting here on my phone. I had to edit a few things due to that but—whatever—it was just me having fun. 

    Which brings me to the next point: I honestly don’t play Pet Rescue Puzzle on a daily basis anymore, even a weekly basis since things shook up. I would prefer the gold bars go to a player that could use them so my “submission” is really only for fun in the truest sense of the word. I do not wish to be up for consideration for any prize. 

    This was just too awesome of an idea for a writing prompt that I couldn’t help myself when I stumbled across it. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with! 😊🦇
  • den4lin197den4lin197 Posts: 51 Level 3
    I had lots of fun writing this little story. Thank you for the competition. Linda
  • SteelPlayerSteelPlayer Posts: 45 Level 2
    Hm...that's pretty interesting. Just to be sure, the fox's name is Fern. Also, it's a bit interesting to see how a T-Rex can be a postman (unless it was another Kingsley).

    Anyway, since that's only 2 entries and we've only got 5 days left, here's my shot...

    Little daredevil chihuahua Rush was a very energetic dog who is able to pull off some tricks that normal dogs can't. He's agile and a bit of a trickster. Some of his impressive tricks include rolling over in the air, balancing treats while running, etc...
    All these seem to amuse the other animals as they find Rush's little antics pretty...well, amusing.

    As time goes, Rush felt he needed a good home as the streets don't usually provide much resources for him to survive (there is some food there, but not much). Upon finding some spare parts, he thought of a good way to travel quickly. With these parts and some intelligence, he created a box launcher. He set the angle, direction, put himself in the box about to be loaded (along with wearing a nearby helmet), and...FLING!

    In the sky, Rush was keeping a still look on his face as he prepares to find someone that can take him home. And he doesn't even budge or move from the box! And so he keeps flying...

    The box flew past the Pet Home, with Fern's current rescued pets wondering what just passed by. "We might have a new friend," Bing guessed, and the other pets nod, seeing that these boxes usually contain...well, pets.

    Rush was still flying...and the box managed to land on top of a tall stone pillar without a scratch. Of course, he just happened to see Fern searching for more pets...and that was Rush's time to shine after he took off his helmet. As Fern went to the pillar, the box dropped down, prompting Fern to catch it right before it hit the ground.

    At the Pet Home, Rush eventually revealed himself to the other pets by popping out from the box. The chihuahua would eventually be put in one of the rooms, and when given a ball, he manages to balance it while running in circles. The other pets were surprised to see this...and they applauded, knowing that good ol' Rush would be a perfect addition.

    It's kinda short and a bit wacky here and there, but that's how funny and smart Rush got his pet-tastic home.
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 8,197 Superstar
    Well - here goes my attempt at a story - 

    One day after Fern was finished cleaning up the kitchen in her townhouse in San Diego California, she thought to herself - I think it is time I went adventuring again to see if there are any other pets out there in need of rescuing.  So she left to go to the airport to get her zeppelin, but when she got there it was gone! 

    "OH NO" Fern said - "where can it be"?  Then she looked up in the sky and there it was floating in the sky because the anchor had become detached and it was floating away.  Fern heard a rustling in the bushes behind her and saw Kinglsey lurking there.  He said "I'm sorry Fern.  I was hungry and thought I would see if the rope tastes good."  

    Just then a huge gust of wind blew the Zeppelin into a tree and if got stuck there so Fern called some of her friendly pets including Milo the monkey and Nugget the cat to climb up the tree and let some of the air out so the Zeppelin would get safely back to earth.  Then this time Fern got a strong chain and refastened the anchor to the zeppelin and refilled the balloon and now she was ready to go adventuring with some of her friends.

    She said "It's been awhile since I have been to Australia so I think it's time we took a trip down under."

    Once she arrived in Australia, Fern decided to do a walk about in the outback because she knew that sometimes there were poachers about who would capture poor innocent creatures and she wanted to see if anyone needed rescuing.  She had only walked for about a mile when she heard some whimpering and there was a box taped down behind a big rock.  Fern opened the box and trapped inside was a baby Wombat. 

    Fern looked around to see if  she could find any sign of its family, but when she didn't, she took the box and the baby wombat and got back into the zeppelin and decided to take her new rescue back to the tree home.  On the way home Fern thought to herself - "What shall I call you" and then she said - "I know - I will call you Willy the Wombat".  Off she sailed and when she got to the tree home she anchored the zeppelin to a convenient branch and climbed out to make sure the anchor was secure.  All of a sudden she heard a squeak and a voice yelled "Lookout" and there was Willy in his box rushing thru the air. Milo had wanted to help Fern and had picked up the box with Willy when a gust of air made him lose his balance and the box flew overboard.  Luckily, Fern was very experienced in catching pets and she easily caught the box with Willy and gently carried him to the ground and let him out so he could explore his new home.
    Wombat Running GIF - Wombat Running Coming GIFs

    The End...(or is it)  

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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  • SteelPlayerSteelPlayer Posts: 45 Level 2
    Isn't it time for this event to end? It's nearing past the 25th and I'm eagerly waiting to see who earns the gold bars.

    By the way, good entry @bearwithme!
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 5,601 Community Manager
    Sorry for a late follow up on this, guys!

    The three winners that I picked are:


    Congrats to you and the 50 Gold Bars are already in your games. 

    You have a new chance to win Gold Bars by sharing your pets in the Pet Home here and also by guessing the amount of blocks in Fern's party over here

    Pets & Love 

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