Behind the Puzzle - Inside information about levels 871 - 910

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An update with 40 new puzzles are out now! 
Levels 871 to 910!

21 Rescue the Pets levels 

9 Remove all the Blocks levels

10 Vine levels  

The new levels start with 871 and a Rotoblaster mania
You will need clear the Blue Blocks and all Ice, but you will need to use the Rotoblasters in the right time and right direction to clear the level before you're out of moves. 

On level 876 only four Planks and four Bubbles need to be cleared, but it's not as easy as it sounds. 
Color Locks are blocking them and once again you will need to use the Rotoblaster wisely to clear all Planks and Bubbles.

Level 879 is to clear the Planks and Ice and you will need to start with breaking all Water Bottles to get the water to rise up to the Dark Clouds. Get through the Dark Clouds and clear the Ice and Planks above, but, don't forget the Ice and Planks on the sides! 

Level 882 has two Big Pets to rescue and Color Locks are blocking them. Clear the Ice as soon as you can on the iced Blocks above and try to make as many Line Blasters, Pinata Bombs as possible to get all required Blocks cleared and unlock the two Color Locks.

Level 884 is a mix of everything! A Flood and Vine level with both Pets and Eggs
Focus on the Water Bottles to get the water up so you will reach the Eggs above and then focus on the Eggs. The Pets in the middle and on the Vines will follow you quite easily. It's the Eggs that is the challenging part.

Level 891 will start with a Color Pop ready waiting. After creating it follow that up with making a Pinata Bomb and a Line Blaster next to it. Match the three Boosters to clear the whole board. Then you'll get down to the Pet Carriers quick and easy. 

On 901 start with breaking the Water Bottles in the bottom, then making the three Line Blasters in the middle and the rest will go smoothly...

Level 904 is a tricky Vine level. Through the game you'll find Color Pops and Line Blasters, but you will need to use these in the exact right move and moment so they will help you out. If you don't match them in the right moment, then they won't help you out. 

907 needs to be done in the exact correct order to get the Pets rescued. First rescue the frozen Big Pet in the middle, then clear the Water Bottles to get the water up. Then you'll be able to get up the remaining pets and match the Pet Carriers. 

Good luck! 

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Or did you suddenly lose some coins? 
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