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Just downloaded this game and whatever I do it refuses to save my progress thru Facebook or, I went thru this forum for answers and I did the following: uninstall the game and installed it several times, restarted my phone and cleaned my cache several times, checked my phone and its a Android version 5.1, it has available storage of over 3,89 GB, and nothing works, it still wont save my progress and I cant connect thru Facebook so I tried installing the game on my fathers phone, a SONY Android 6 version and there it worked but unfortunately I cant use his phone for games. What else can I do can you please help me I have been dying to play this game it looks so much fun I can"t start for 2 days now, please, please, please help!


  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,204 Community Moderator
    Hi @ivo_a !

    Try these steps and see if they help: 

    -First delete the app from your device once again by going to Settings > Apps/ Application manager > Pet Rescue Puzzle and tap 'Uninstall' 

    -Then find 'Google Play Store' under the Settings and Apps/ Application Manager and tap the Play Store icon 

    -From here click on 'Clear cache' then 'Uninstall updates’ and finally 'Clear data'. Please notice that you will get a warning when clicking the 'Clear data' button - don't worry as it's just a reset.

    -Restart the device

    -Download the game again from Google Play Store and hopefully it will work better this time 

    Fingers crossed! 

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