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Vote on the fastest team and win Gold Bars! (finished)

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Which team is the fastest?
Who do you think will win the race?
Guess, vote, cheer and win Gold Bars! 

It's time to run and compete and again. This summer some Pets ran against each other in a contest as you may remember, but now it's time do this as a team event.

Three teams are running against each other:

Team Stripe, Gizmo and Zip
A tiger, owl and mouse. Can they run/ fly faster than the others around the stadium? Will the tiny mouse keep up in the race? 

Team Mopsy, Taco and Trix
A rabbit, koala and skunk. Mopsy did win the individual contest this summer, but can he win in this team as well? 

Team is Matcha, Beanie and Pickles
A cat, bear and pig. Bears and cats are fast, but will the chubby pig slow the team down in the end? 

Comment on here below which team you think will win. When the contest ends, all players that chose the winning team will win 20 Gold Bars.

You can only vote on one team! All players with multiple answers will get disqualified.

You have until Thursday 14 November 09:00 CET to participate!

The speed is counted by the maximum speed of each animal and adding that together in each team, you can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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