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Vine Villain is spreading in the game - New feature coming up!

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Look out for the Vine Villain!

If you see this plant in the bottom of the map, then you need to watch out and keep an eye on it when playing the next level. 

The Vine Villain will appear after you completed two levels. You can easily keep a track on what level it will appear on in the progress bar right under the game map.

When you get the Vine Villain on a level it will appear on the top and its tentacles will come from each side and they wrap vines around random blocks.

You can clear the vines with a Pinata Bomb or a Line Blaster, but until the vine has been removed you can not match or clear the entangled block. 

How to defeat the Villain then? 

The Vine Villain is a tough plant to get rid of, so you are in a team of six players that are fighting against it together. You can see your randomly picked team members above on the level when you play. 

Together you will need to clear as many blocks as possible to knock out the Villain.
When you play and clear blocks the bar right under your team will fill up. When the bar gets full, the Villain will get a hit and it will lose some energy. The bar will reset and you can start filling it up again to give the Vine Villain another smack.

After completing a level with the Villain you will get an update on how much damage you have done to it. Above you will also see how much energy the Vine Villain has left. 

When the Vine Villain's energy bar hits down to zero, it's defeated. The victory over this infestation is finally yours! 

Hitting zero energy means also that the Villain will explode and clear the whole game board.

When victory has been achieved and the Vine Villain is defeated, it will stay away from your game until the next episode of 20 levels start.


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