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Which Map Option do you Prefer?



  • 1kookie1kookie Posts: 9 New Bee
    Prefer the old map
    Prefer the old map. 
  • princessdenprincessden Posts: 11 New Bee
    Prefer the old map
    I hate this new map so bad 😩 I’m waiting on new levels and want to go back to play for more stars and it’s selecting random levels for me that I don’t even want to play and there’s no option to change that! That’s just awesome😤 Shoot me now 🤯
  • LessonLesson Posts: 3 New Bee
    Prefer the old map
    I didn't play for a long while after the map had changed, since I had been working on getting three stars on older levels at the time they switched it.  I play now occasionally, but try not to leave the level before I have my 3 stars... but often I accidently start the next level or the app refreshes.  If I reach the top level and can't go back to specific levels that are less then 3 stars... I'll probably quit playing entirely.
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 3,121 Community Moderator
    Prefer the old map
    Hi guys!

    I understand that many of you puzzlers miss the old Saga map in the game, but I'm afraid it won't be coming back. The new version of the map is here to stay.

    To save memory in the game either the Pet Home or the game map had to be removed. Since the Pet Home is so loved and appreciated by so many players it was the game map that got remade into a compact version instead of removing the Pet Home. 

    When you reach the current last level the game will then randomly give you a level where you only have one or two stars to improve your scores to three stars on all levels. 

    Since the new map has now been implemented there's space and memory to improve the graphics and art design and also introduce new features in the game. Three new features are already being play tested and hopefully coming soon to all players. So stay tuned!
  • Ondrashek06Ondrashek06 Posts: 4 New Bee
    Prefer the old map
    This sucks... Can we at least pay 50 gold bars or something to get the old map back? I do seriously hate not being able to play the levels I completed. To be honest, I would rather want a bigger game with an interactive map than a smaller game with just a super boring "map". If you really want to lower down the game's size, why not just make another version, called "Pet Rescure Puzzle Saga LITE" which is lighter and has the new map, but keep the normal one with the old good map?
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