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Pet snatchers

Jelly_bean_hearts Posts: 461 Level 3

One evening, a group of people were walking along Petopia. Kat thought it was the Pet Rescue Moderators who came to check on the pets so she ignored them. Spot went out to visit someone and he did not return. That made Kat so worried that she could not sleep. But Baby Puppy hugged Kat. The next morning, lots of pets were talking about some pets being snatched and kidnapped last night. Then, Kat heard something dreadful.

“I’ve heard cries from outside last night. I immediately turned on my torchlight and saw some pet snatchers trapping Spot in a cage,” one of the pets whispered.

Hearing this, Kat broke into tears. Some of the pets saw Kat and comforted her. Kat ran home and slammed the door shut. Baby Puppy crawled towards Kat and licked her.

“I won’t let anything happen to you my baby,” Kat said to Puppy.


When Puppy turned 1, Kat took him around the Animal Kingdom as a treat. While Kat was busy talking to a friend, mischievous Puppy walked further away from Kat and disappeared. When Kat turned to look at Puppy, she screamed when Puppy was not there. Kat ran to find Puppy in a panic. That was when she saw poor Puppy shivering in fear. Some pet snatchers were surrounding him. One of the snatchers were holding a wooden cage. Kat ran towards the snatcher with the cage and bit his leg so hard it swelled up.

“Run!” Kat warned Puppy.

Puppy ran as fast as he could and hid behind the bushes. The snatcher kicked Kat and locked her in a cage. He placed her in a truck and drove off. Poor Puppy ran after the truck and jumped on the corner of the truck. Unfortunately, on the way to the pound, Puppy lost his balance and fell. The truck was no longer in plain sight. Puppy yelped and cried but to no avail. He laid on the ground, crying. Just then, someone approached Puppy and he hid in a box. However, the girl picked up the box, taking Puppy home with her. When the girl opened the box, Puppy leapt out of the box and got on the table, shivering.

Who took Puppy in? —> Jellybean and Puppy — King Community

Beginning —> Many years ago in Petopia — King Community


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