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🐶✨Pet Rescue Saga Block Bingo! 😺🎉

LynetteLynette Posts: 3,988 Pet Rescue Moderator
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We are going to play Bingo again!

It's been a while since the last Block Bingo game, so it must be time for another one 😸

Pet Rescue Saga has 5 different color blocks to play with: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple

Here is your Block Bingo Challenge 🐶 ✨ 😺 🎉

Our Bingo Challenge level is Pet Rescue Saga Level 150

If you have played Level 150 multiple times, you might have noticed that the blocks change their color each time we open the level AND the colors vary randomly.

The Challenge is

Can you guess the colors of the Pet Carrier blocks that I am going to see in the bottom row when I next open level 150?

And guess which order they will be?

I will reveal the answer after the contest ends.

Here is an example of Level 150 so you'll know how to answer.

The Bingo Blocks are: 1. green 2. red 3. blue 4. yellow

The tricky thing about Level 150 is that these colors can also be in multiples! Here is another example...

The Bingo Blocks are: 1. blue 2. red 3.red 4. blue

Up to 10 posters with the correct answer will get a share of the prize (100 gold).

If less than 10 guess correctly then the prize will be bigger!

We might have many winners, or there could only be a few (because you might not guess right 🙀) but I will allow 3 guesses for each participant 😺

🐶How to participate?

Simply post your three answers in the comments below, number the colors in the order you think they will appear

For example: the Bingo Blocks are:

1. green 2. red 3. blue 4. yellow

1. blue 2. red 3.red 4. blue

1. red 2. yellow 3.blue 4. blue

Three guesses are allowed per person, so think carefully, or simply open Level 150 on your game a few times and see what you get!


100 gold bars for your game will be shared between the winners (eg, 3 winners will get 30 each, 2 winners 50 or the maximum 10 winners get 10 gold each)


You have until 17:00 CEST (16:00 BST) 12th October to enter.

Winners will be announced shortly after this time.

You’ll find all terms and conditions here.

Good luck everyone! 🐱



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