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Sharing thoughts

angel_kgp Posts: 14 Level 2
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Hello, I hope everyone is doing fine.

I would like to share some thoughts about the game with all of you.

I play since day one and saw all the updates in pet rescue saga. I have to say that along the years a lot of things changed in good but also in bad. I miss the way we can exchange lives, see the points of our friends on each level (in weather island too), the old original map and seeing my friends along the path, the challenge with random players, the way we used to collect coins by our Facebook friends post, the every 2 weeks update for our mobile apps, the post on the pet rescue saga official page, the king’s quests on my profile pic on the game, the 30 days daily bonus on pc, the episode race with other players and the old style of the mountain mystery (I remember I used to win like 100 gold bars sometimes) and a lot of more stuff.

Now it seems the developers have abandoned the game to itself. No more posts on their Facebook page, game is no more fun, Facebook version is very basic and full of glitch, the windows app for many of us is impossible to play on due the bugs and lag, not being equal to every players (some people have more staff that the others… for example the bonus boosters video or the extra moves videos), the actual screen with the dog is an abomination and the treasure cheat is very ridiculous, how we get lives is a scam… we can only “””accept””” lives when the game allow it and when we finish lives the screen game is a scam by putting a large “buy with gold” button… and a lot more.

Until 2015/2016 the game was way more interactive, social and more addicting and fun… now it became monotonous and kinda sad.

now my question is why they just don’t close the game definitely?

also with pet rescue puzzle saga they had a wonderful idea… but they closed it. It was nice because it was like having the “2nd season” of the game like it happens with candy crush games.

Sorry if I just vented all out in this post but I believe that many other players have my same thoughts.



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