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📱 Play Pet Rescue Saga HERE.

Pet Rescue Saga was the game of the month now in January and February and these weeks have been full of petriffic posts and activities here in the Community Hub.

I also want to say a big thank you to @Lynette and @kiara_wael for all the help these past weeks and making the Game of the Month a petacular month!

We hope you love the game as much as we do and none of these pet-tastic puzzles with pets and blocks would not have been possible without the amazing work by the Pet Rescue Game Team!

Before we wrap up this Game of the Month, let's say a big thank you and send love to the Game Team for creating such a engaging and fun game! Please feel free to post any feedback regarding the game as well.

We'll pick three players among all comments that will win 20 Gold Bars to their Pet Rescue Saga game on Friday 19 February 2021. So make sure to comment by then!

Don't forget to give feedback on the new Navigation Bar, Unlimited Lives or Event Rewards to the Game Team as well, if you haven't done it yet!



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