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 📦️ How to play 1,2,3 Grow in Pet Rescue Saga 😻

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1,2,3 Grow is a new event for Pet Rescue Saga players above Level 25.

To make your Pet grow you will need to collect red blocks from within the game levels, these will pay for items to help your Pet grow.

The red blocks are only valid when collected from levels you have not previously played. This includes bonus game levels from the Mystery Mountain and Weather Alert. If you are at the end of the game Random levels also count, but going back via the map does not.

As you play you will see the blocks being collected, but your level needs to be won for the red blocks to be added to your 1,2,3 Grow event. At the end of the regular levels you will see the total number of red blocks that will be added.

After your Pet is grown you can use the red blocks to pay for burritos to feed it!

You will earn one gold bar for each burrito you give your Pet 💖

The maximum gold you can win is 50 gold bars.

These are rewarded after the event is finished.

A bar at the top of the event lets you know how much time you have remaining and how many red blocks you have.

Currenty this event lasts for one week and will be available to play every second week 😸

Here is a video showing some of a previous 1, 2, 3, Grow event as it was played, between Pet rescue Saga levels:



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