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I can’t open the game. It crashes before opening. I play only on iPad. This started yesterday.

DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

Since yesterday evening I have been unable to open the game. I get the orange King screen and then it goes back to my app screen. 

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  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator
    Answer ✓

    I don't think anyone can get in and see it as its on your device, but they might have had other reports about it. 

    Two things, firstly..

    Cez the moderator I asked for advice before she left, did say that it is possible that the amount of boosters you have, is impacting the game play as the games are not designed to hold that much.

    I am not quite sure how you would go about making the problem go away without a complete reinstall, which would likely solve the problem but would definitely lose all of your boosters. At the same time though if it does work, then at least you could play the game.

    I can ask further advice but I suspect that is going to be it. If you did try and lost your boosters and it did start working, they would possibly give you some in compensation but it wouldn't be near what you have lost. 

    The second thing is, our Superstar pet rescue expert also had the same problem and she said that it was caused by facebook. She plays on computer though (I think as she gave me an extension to block data etc) Its something to do with permissions that the game was trying to ask for but was maybe missing. And so it was stuck in a loop. She went into the app settings and blocked it from trying to access her private data on FB and now it loads a lot quicker! If you could check your app settings on Facebook via a laptop as mobile settings are rubbish, you could always try that. I don't trust FB at all, so now have cut out as much as I can when I allow them access to it. 

    If this doesn't work, leave it with me, I will ask for advice, but it will be next week as its the Easter break. :)

    Answer ✓


  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator

    Good evening DiDag,

    I am sorry you are having issues, it could be a temporary glitch but just in case its not, can you try this troubleshooting here please :)


  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    My problem is not an old device. I use an IPad Air 2. I do not want to I install and lose all my progress and awards. 

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator

    Oops! I am so sorry, the one time I forgot to check the link is the one time its wrong. 

    It should have been this one https://care.king.com/en/blog/article/is-your-game-crashing-on-an-ios-device

    The trouble is sometimes uninstalling is the only thing that will fix it. Are you connected to the Kingdom or Facebook? Even if you decide not to follow the tips, we strongly recommend you connect to something as progress can be lost if you are not. 

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    I did the reboot of the iPad and was able to get on. I thought that had cleared it up after i played a few rounds but it is once again not loading. I don’t want to lose my substantial earned rewards so I will wait and see if the next update fixes this bug. I am connected through Facebook and am in the highest episodes. I wait for additional episodes to be added every few weeks. I have no purchased rewards. 

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator

    That's understandable. It's got to be something simple. Did you try force rebooting rather than a simple reboot? (Holding power and home buttons until the apple logo reappears) 

    Have you checked available memory? Low memory can cause crashing. Maybe take off apps you don't use? 

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    I did the forced rebooting and I have used less than 1/3 of the memory on my device. I am wondering is the reason is not because I have collected a large number of rewards and that has used up the game’s capacity. I am at the last episode and have approximately 60+ rewards in most caregories. I have over 300 special key rewards?  I have tried all your suggestions. The error started to occur on Sunday after I had succeeded on the magic mountain game numerous times. I closed the app without exiting the game which might also have contributed. 

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator

    Oh the mountain issue is a long standing issue sadly. They get it fixed and something else happens. I am wondering though if maybe having a large amount is causing issues. I know on my iphone which has far more memory than I do lol, if I get over a certain amount of requests in the inbox on Farm heroes, it cannot cope with it and does crash. One reason I try not to open it but then I can't earn freebies. 

    I am going to pass this on, because I cannot see how we would be able to test that without a reinstall...but then you lose your boosters. Which I understand why, but this was actually raised earlier between us Superstars, that it doesn't seem fair. 

    Maybe one of the moderators can see/suggest something simple that I haven't thought of. I would hate for you to lose them. Have you got another device you could test it on? See if it loads properly then? See on android you can clear cache really easily, but not on ios unless you remove the game. Which seems to be a shame and as much as I love apple, I think its something that should be addressed. 

    Leave it with me :)

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    Thank you for your attention on this. I can open the game on Facebook with my Lenovo laptop but it does not have the stored rewards on that game. Apparently that part does not sync with my IOS version. It is at the proper level, though. I will see about downloading to my iPhone and what happens there. When I do the double click to close my open apps I can see that Pet Squad is stuck on an open game with “level failed.” But when I touch the game to reopen it goes to the orange screen and then crashes. I am patient so I will see if the next update clears this bug and continue to fiddle it without reinstalling. 

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,446 Farm Moderator

    Yes unfortunately in order to be accessible even when offline, the game stores boosters in the device memory not the games. That's why the boosters don't transfer over.

    When you double tap to close the open apps, you said you touched the app and it opens again with the orange screen....do you still get the orange screen if you close the app and reopen it completely? 

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, I still get the orange screen. I see there was an app update yesterday but the problem is still there. What now? Can someone get in there and see it? 

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