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Bopper1 Level 2


  • You're welcome @johamilton that's great you celebrated most of the day with your kids & Grandkids. My kids & Grandkids live interstate so I was unable to spend time with them, but I still had a lovely day, thank you 😀❤️
  • Hi @DieOmimi Ok thank you for letting me know that. By the way I tried to edit my email address on the Facebook Account, it said this email is already used, I was only able to edit my first & last name. Also on the Facebook Account I'm up to a higher level, 4587. Why I have 2 accounts is because quite a while back the game…
  • Hi @DieOmimi I will see how I go with editing my email address & see what happens. Just one more question, do you know how to change the Avatar on an Android phone? I don't want to change it in the community just on the game on my phone which has a different Avatar to the one I have in the community. I used to be able to…
  • Hi @DieOmimi Yes that helps a lot, thank you. The old email address is actually through the Facebook Account. I'm still able to play the game with that account & noticed I can edit my details, email address & first & last name. I also found the User ID for that account. If I edit my details would I still have 2 accounts &…
  • Hi @DieOmimi I was wondering if you would be able to cancel my account associated with my old email address *Edited by CM: That's too much personal information. For your own safety and protection do not share your email address - Our House Rules I think my old user ID is 1000 0384 3371 064 I read somewhere it's meant to be…
  • That's ok johamilton.
  • Ok, thank you for letting me know @DieOmimi
  • Thank you @DieOmimi Just wanted to know why have our discussions come up twice.
  • What about on my phone not the Kingdom, is it the same for that too? That's where I'm trying to change the Avatar.
  • Thank you johamilton. I know how to change my profile picture with a photo from my album, but am I able to change the Avatar that I already have to a different one, not a photo?
  • Thank you DieOmimi. Yes your explanation made sense. Well done on reaching level 8833. I'm on level 2891. You have a nice day too 😀
  • The envelope is on the left on Android but when I clicked on it & then Accept it still says the same & I'm unable to use them. Thank you anyway.
  • Hi, Does anyone know how to change the Avatar on Android phone & tablet. I used to be able to but I'm only able to put a photo now.
  • Thank you @Diamond_Lim 😀
  • @Diamond_Lim Thank you 😀 and thanks for the threads & contests 😄 Have a great night 😍💖
  • @Diamond_Lim Yeah it is, but if I can't get back to my old account I will enjoy playing it all over again 😍
  • Hi @Diamond_Lim I tried that and even tried to edit my account settings, but when I type in my old email address it says wrong email & password combination. I will keep trying and if it doesn't work I will just start over again. Thank you for you're help 😀
  • @DieOmimi I tried that and it says wrong email and password combination. I will just have to start all over again with the new email. My account with the old email will have to stay in limbo as I can't access that account or get the user ID. Thank you anyway.
  • Hi @DieOmimi, Thank you for letting me know about the 10th anniversary of Pet Rescue Saga. I managed to get Pyramid Solitaire Saga back on my phone but I made a mistake. Instead of putting my old email address that I originally created in my account then updating it with my email address I have now, I created a new account…
  • Hi @DieOmimi, Glad it works well 😀 I think I will leave it for now. First I need to see if I can get the game to work again when I reinstall it. If I can then I should'nt need to do anything except update my email address if I'm able to, and if I can't get the game to work then I'm unable to get the User ID. Will see how I…

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