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🦸‍♀️ Queens of the Kingdom: aska_king

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As part of our Women's Month celebration in the Community, we've interviewed some of the most interesting Queens of the Kingdom. Here's one of those interviews! Sit back and get ready for some girl power!

" Many diverse ideas from different cultures inspire me to make better games, and I want to make them smile with our games as well "

She's a real team player who enjoys working with cross-functional teams and seeing projects from their beginning to their successful end...a Queen who follows King's values to the most! She is a producer, that means, she "owns" a project, and she has the responsibility of assembling and managing a team of engineers, designers and artists to make sure the project is headed in the right direction. Here's our interview with @aska_king :

"Hi awesome people!

I am a producer at King working with those creative champions to make games!

I love to make people smile and just thinking our games can entertain many people in the world motivates me moving forward to more challenges! 😊

Thank you for playing games and giving us feedback!"

💫 What was your dream job as a child?

Game Maker or Ambassador… 😝


💫 What do you like about being a producer at King?

Work with many different departments & different profiles of people!

And everyone is so open, humble & creative here!

💫 What are you challenges women face in the gaming industry? 

Be honest, brave and open to the changes by ourselves. 😊

Women in gaming are growing every year!

💫 Any advice for the women out there wanting to join a gaming company? 

Be open, be ready for challenges and bring up your diverse ideas from YOUR life experience!


💫 Do you have a motto? If yes, want to share it?

がんばろう! (Do Our Best in Japanese)

💫 Who inspires you and why?

My friends and colleagues – many diverse ideas from different cultures inspire me to make better games, and I want to make them smile with our games as well 😊

Thank you, @aska_king and please keep making us smile ☺️

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Please share your thoughts and feelings with @aska_king below!!


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