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Can’t sync to my Facebook account

MrsjallowMrsjallow Posts: 9 Level 2

Hi I think am getting desperate now so I thought to try the community. What it is, is that I have 2 Facebook accounts. I have gone up lots of levels on the one account, (‘level 2366) but now every time I try to play solitaire it’s reverting to level 1 in the account I have never played with....does that make sense? I need help to solve this please. I wrote to king and it advised closing the app and reinstalling. I have done all that and even reinstalled my Facebook account! Still it doesn’t go to my Facebook account that I use . I had gotten up to level 2366 and of course this involved some serious paying to buy some serious gold bars! This problem only occurs on my iPad . On my phone, I am still on level 2366 but on iPad it won’t let me sign in as my Facebook account that has this level.

please help. Thanks so much.


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