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Why have do I have at least 10 friends on my leaderboard of Pyramid Solitaire Saga this week?

Teaser1997 Posts: 29 Level 2

For past two years I have played Pyramid Solitaire Saga with no friends on my leaderboard. Now this past week I have at least 15 friends on that leaderboard that I have NEVER requested. How did this happen??? HELP!!!!!

Best Answer

  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend
    edited February 2021 Answer ✓

    @Teaser1997 Hi and welcome, Some of the king games now have other King and Facebook accounts added to them. So you will not only see your friends in the game but other game players as well now

    The game tries to match players ( so in this case you) with relevant active friends when possible and if it could not detect any, it will try to match you with other opponents similar to your progression in-game.

    Thank you


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