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Level 3002

bibi-4bibi-4 Posts: 6 Level 2


All my boosters disappeared. Again. Not the first time this happened. Now I am stuck at level 3002. I have been playing for several days and not even getting close. Seems impossible to pass with only 13 cards on the deck and no boosters. To bad since Pyramid is my favorite King's game.

Just curious if somebody was able to pass level 3002 with NO boosters. Or should I give up and just stop playing.



  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 13,545 Friends Moderator

    Hi @bibi-4 hello and welcome to our sweet and helpful community. 

    I'm sorry that all your boosters have disappeared. Luckily it hasn't happened to me yet in Pyramid Solitaire (in another game I had it once, unfortunately). 

    In terms of level 3002, I just looked at myself. I'm already 2 episodes away. 

    This level is a very difficult one. When I first played it, I tried it without a booster. I always start playing without a booster. After i had 50 unsuccessful attempts at this level, I used boosters. 

    When I finished the level, I went further without trying again. When I saw your question, I went back to level 3002 and tried again without a booster. I lost my 5 lives and didn't make it. When I start the game, I always use the card on the right. For me, it's called "consideration." It generally works well because you have two cards to choose from. In addition, joker cards are often hidden in the stack.

    Nevertheless, please do not give up. It's a nice game and I love playing it too.

    I wish you a good board and the right cards in the stack for your next attempts. 

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  • bibi-4bibi-4 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Thanks, DieOmimi! I've been trying and wasting so many lives sent from my friends to no avail. Maybe the developers will do something to make this level passable without boosters. Thanks again and good luck!

  • OseeASiOseeASi Posts: 84 Level 2

    @bibi-4 I tried several times and could pass level 3002 without any boosters (i am sure about that because i didn't have one back then), so don't give up ;) btw, you are on level 3002 that means you have been playing this game for years :D

  • OseeASiOseeASi Posts: 84 Level 2

    i succeeded again now for the third try without a booster, so yes, it is doable :) good luck!

  • bibi-4bibi-4 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Thanks, OseeASi. I'll try a few more times hoping for a lucky board.

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