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Pyramid solitaire saga

VickiTee Posts: 2 Newbie
Did you guys know when playing Pyramid solitaire saga, when you click on the cards with the green tips and the beatles come out. You supposed to get a card for every beatles you hit? But the games cheat you out of one card every time 


  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 34,189 Candy Moderator
    edited January 2020
    Hello @VickiTee, Hearty Welcome to our friendly King Community :) 

    I am sorry to know that you feel cheated in the game!!  I will call in @Lola_Pop, who is the Community In-charge for Pyramid Solitaire game to talk to you about the issue and find more details!  They are currently out of office and will be back tomorrow =) 

    In the mean time, can you please post the details of (1) the device you are using to play the game, (2) version you have right now;

    I am sorry for not being much of a help!  I do not play this game, but just came to say "Hi" as it has been couple of days since you have posted your question.  And I did not want you to feel being ignored! 

    ** Please tap on "Type your Comment" box located below to write back :+1: 

    Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!  Have a wonderful rest of the day/evening! 
  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 12,032 Community Manager
    Hello @VickiTee !

    I'm so sorry for the delayed answer! I was out of the office- thanks @PummyRaj for the heads-up!

    So, I think you're talking about the Fortune Cards. These cards do not have a fixed "reward", as they're based on "fortune": some of them will give you a joker, others 1-3 extra cards. They're programmed randomly, and you'll always get a reward- if you don't please send us a video and we'll forward it to the Studio team. 

    I hope it helps!  Have a nice start to the year !!! <3
  • John_Cooper-3
    John_Cooper-3 Posts: 36 Level 2
    Also had you noticed that with the green beetles that bring you a card, you will usually get 2 beetles for 2 cards. But you should note the number of BLACK DOTS on the beetles wings 
    . You will get up to 4 cards if each beetle has 2 dots on its back. As Lola- Pop has noted this is completely random! Just my 2c worth!
  • Claudia_farias22
    Claudia_farias22 Posts: 14 Level 2
    edited January 2020
    **EDIT: Unsupported Language**
  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 12,032 Community Manager
    Hello @Claudia_farias22 !
    Nice to see you around!! How are you doing? Do you have any tips about this issue for @VickiTee? Or any question?  =)

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