I did not receive any gems after winning

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Hi there!

If you are here because after a game you did not receive the gems that you were expecting please drop a comment right below so that we can look into it. In your comment, make sure you state your player ID (check how to, HERE) and the amount of gems that you are claiming. Please be honest here, as we will be able to see if the scenario you are saying indeed happened or not. If it did, we will be happy to restore those gems for you :smile: .

If you have any questions around it, feel free to ask them below!


  • ZezeZeze Posts: 2
    Hello my name is Zehra, yesterday night at around 10:08 pm I played Montie's prize and I won the game but right after I won it it froze and disconnected. It happened many times before but since the amount was not that big I didn't really care. Yesterday I lost 21, 500 diamonds even though I winner. :( Is there anything you can do about it? My account number is: 10003174311
    Thank you! Have a day!
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