I can't change my country!

Ive beenplaying for years on both phone app and sometimes in the past, through facebook, but it keeps using US as default while all my facebook friends who play candy crush are registered as Canada which is where i am from.
I've looked into the plsystore, as per other threads, but it says CANADA already.  My phone settings for language is also English (canada). my facebook says Vancouver BC which is also in canada. I have no more settings left to change but im going crazy FAILING TO CHANGE MY COUNTRY STATUS to CANADA . at the very least, I  don't want it to display US , Id rather have no country than be misrepresented!
DO NOT link me to another one! I've already been through them !
I've re-installed it numerous times trying to fix it and now im trying to fix it through desktop and i'm going into rage mode that desktop has no option either to manually change it  with a kingdom account which i created in an ATTEMPT to fix this!

somebody give me USEFUL directions beforeI totally lose it!


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