A Superstar guide to Farm Heroes Saga boosters

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Confused about what the boosters do? Read our helpful guide! Note though any boosters that mention gold are bought with Farm Heroes premium currency. To obtain gold you need to buy it with real money. That is why these boosters are premium. You can pass all levels without buying. It just means sometimes taking longer :)

Special boosters 

Some boosters will show  on each level screen where you hit play to enter. You can select them if needed. None of them are vital, the choice is yours if you want and all but the shovels cost gold. 

 +5 moves booster. Adds an extra 5 moves to your next board (only)  costs 6 gold. 

 My favourite. Shovels, can be bought with the ingame free currency, 250 beans buys you 3 shovels. Only before you hit play, once playing the level they can be bought but will cost you 9 gold and the shovels can only ever be bought if you have 0. If your free shovel has recharged after the 6 hours, you won't be able to buy any until you have used it. 

 Superfruit booster. Sometimes a level will be kind and have this on the board when you come to play the higher up levels. It removes all crops in a square around it when used and adds 2 points to each crops value. If you buy this one, it will cost you 15 gold. It also looks much prettier on the board, like this


 Turbo tractor costs 7 gold (Sometimes available on some level boards) and removes 3 lines of crops at once. Either horizontally or vertically. 

 Amelia's air drop booster Drops 6 of the crop you swap it with. Useful if you need to make a lot of chicks as it works with cracked/hatching eggs too! Costs 9 gold but in some levels we will get some given to us.

On board boosters

These will regenerate over the day but ONLY if you have none. These all can be bought with gold during level play.

  Once you have bought them, Shovels as discussed above. If you haven't bought any it will say 0 and until you either replay the level or move on to the next, it will cost you 9 gold. 

Tractor booster (different to the turbo tractor) only clears one row of crops. Will not break eggs, open flowers etc. One free every 12 hours.

+1 booster adds 1 point to all required crops. Valid for one move. Get one free every 16 hours.

Colour collector (also known as the doggy booster) One free every 24 hours, can be handy if combined with the +1 if you need a lot of one crop. Collects all of the crop you activate it on. (ie if you select it then collect a strawberry, it will remove ALL strawberries from the board)

Special boosters that only come out when needed

Egg cracker cracks eggs….

Cleaner turns all grumpy crops happy (where not sat on slime) but only valid for one move then they become sad again. 



For more tips and tricks to make the most out of your Cropsies see Chicken Slayer's Blog 

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