🌟 Welcome our Superstars of 2020 here !🌟

Please welcome the Superstars of the new programme!

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Dear community,

This is an exciting announcement to make! After more than 50 applications and loads of conversation, it is our pleasure to announce that we have our new team of Superstars. :star:

Please help us welcome, our new 9 amazing Superstars!

@Alansmart - This great Canadian ink lover will be joining our team to help you out in many of our games (especially Candy Crush Friends). Please note, he is indeed very smart!

@Alessandro_S - Coming from la bella Italia, Alessandro is one of our most avid players of games like Candy Crush Soda and Alphabetty Saga. His responses are always on point and he is one of the most knowledgeable players in our communities so don't hesitate to reach out to him if in doubt!

@Chicken_Slayer - Crusading against Chickens since 2016 with us, Chicken Slayer is an incredible Superstar that proves with every programme that it's all about helping you all (especially when it comes to Farm Heroes Saga). Transparent, sincere and very kind, if she comes your way to help you, you are one lucky player!

@Elsa - Our most contributing Superstar so far. More than 11,000 posts show how committed she is to helping the community out. She's been doing it for over 2 years now but it feels like she is just getting started, given how much energy and enthusiasm she puts in every day!

@firebombmarkus - One of the most avid and lovely players out there is now ready to run the extra mile and join our team! Since the launch of this site, Firebombmarkus has been helping out in every one of our games to make sure you all have an amazing time here. Just be patient, it's only a matter of time until he helps you out. Expect tons of hugs as well!

@Joseph45 - Our youngest Superstar is now joining the team to show that support and community have no age! Always happy to share Trivia knowledge, along with some pictures of his cute puppy, Coconut. Expect him in all of our games, Joseph45 is in love with all of our games, and we couldn't be happier about it!

@JustPlaying - Video maker and always on top of the community, JustPlaying has been around for more than a year and is one of the superstars with more experience in the team! She knows how to handle you all, so be careful and always follow the guidelines!

@Lynette - Also with us since 2016, Lynette is our best Superstar when it comes to Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch. She has been providing videos that were watched by millions and is also running amazing Facebook groups at the same time. When it comes to our games, she is definitely one of our best influencers!

@Pummy_Raj - Proud Indian living in Michigan, Pummy_Raj is also new to joining the team. She is super sweet, polite and friendly so if she comes your way, expect nothing but good things! 

And that's it. Once again, please welcome them all. From now on, you will see them here and there, helping you, having fun with you and overall making this Community fantastic! Together with the rest of all of you they will make this new 2019 an amazing year! 

:star: Here's to them! Cheers and thank you all! :star:

The Community Team



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