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Misty needs Tiffi’s help

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Tiffi never checked out Minty Meadow, so she decides that today is the day that she is going to explore it.  Suddenly she hears crying.  She listens to the sound and tries to find out where it’s coming from.  She  bumps into Misty who  is a unicorn.  Misty is sad, and she can’t stop crying because she had lost her horn. Tiffi helps her by using a trampoline to take some lollipops from the nearby tree. This string became the recovered horn of the unicorn.  Misty loves colour bombs and cake. 

In the Soda Swamp episode, Misty is bathing with Bobby in the swamp filled with Soda.  In the Candied Cliffs episode Tiffi happily finds her after being lost in the mountains.  In the Custard Coast episode, Misty was afraid of a candy corn that looked like a shark’s fin.  Tiffi grabs a candy corn to prove to Misty that it is just a candy corn, so that Misty can now take a swim in the sea freely.  You can also meet up with her in the other Candy Crush games.

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