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Tiffi waves to the Bubblegum troll and continues walking.  Suddenly she hears her friend, Odus, up in the trees.  He is an owl with a violet-theme colour body, which matches the night sky. He has a very three-dimensional look, even though he is just animated artwork. His eyebrows resemble purple striped candy canes, and his wings are a bit small. If you look closely when he is in a nervous state, you can see that his feet and wings are not connected to his body.  He loves his friend Tiffi, and whenever he has the chance, he carries her off to Dreamworld for a good sleep as he believes that she needs a break sometimes from helping people.

People have been confused by the gender of Odus for months. It has been confirmed that he is a male owl.  He was present in every Dreamworld level and would dance happily on the moon scale.  Although he was the most hated character in the game, it was not Odus that made a player lose. It was the moon scale that did so; however, he made the choice to go on the moon in the first place, so the hate for Odus is not unwarranted. It could be the moon scale's fault that it tipped Odus, but Odus actually sets himself up for it.

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