Tiffi meets up with the Bubblegum Troll

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One morning Tiffi decides to take a walk around Chocolate Mountains to see if anyone needs her help.  Over the Easter Bunny Hills, lurking under the Bubblegum Bridge, Tiffi meets up with this cheeky troublesome troll.  He is the main antagonist of Candy Crush Saga.  He has a light pinkish color body with a gold or grey pin for his arms. “He resembles a stretched piece of bubblegum as he has a stretched rear area”, thinks Tiffi.  “Oh no”, she says, “Dad warned me about that naughty Bubblegum Troll”.  


Tiffi first encounters him at the Bubblegum Bridge where he steals all of her candy.   He’s always looking to try and sabotage Tiffi’s helpful deeds for her friends.  Though he’s mischievous, he’s quite kind really, so the people of Candy Kingdom love him. Sometimes he can be useful in tricky situations.   He loves playing pranks on everyone. However, he is still a well-loved character in the Kingdom, as he is only intending to cause amusement.   He hates being out in the rain. He knows everything about the Candy Kingdom. 


In the Pudding Pagoda episode, he tries to wreck the cat’s pagoda.  In the Butterscotch Boulders episode, he blocks the train’s way in chocolate.  He makes another appearance in the Biscuit Bungalow episode where he encases Pete’s house with a large bubblegum.  He puts a trap on the Bubblegum Bridge and traps Jimmy, the goat, as he tries to cross the bridge. 

Next Tiffi meets up with her friend Odus here.

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