Tiffi explores Chocolate Mountains

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Tiffi loves to explore so she sets off through the Chocolate Mountains to begin her magical, candylicious adventures.  Along her journey she stops to help some quirky characters and meets some even kookier animals, not to mention the mischievous Bubblegum Troll who always keeps her on her toes!

One day, during her morning adventure she meets up with Boomer, a bumble bee, in Marmalade Meadow. His harvesting equipment is clogged.  “That’s not good,” says Tiffi.  She fixes the equipment by pumping it very tightly, revealing that it was a blue candy that clogs it.

Tiffi meets up again with Boomer in Cobweb Canopy.  He was flying high when suddenly, he gets trapped in a sticky cobweb. Tiffi uses her super scissors to cut one portion of the cobweb and set Boomer free.


In the Blooming Backyard episode Tiffi wakes him up while she’s holding an alarm clock.  In the Twilight Tulips episode, he pops out from a tulip.


Would you like to meet the Bubblegum Troll?  You can find him here.

At any time during her travels, you can also view a video of all her adventures:

 The Candy Kingdom part 1 (Candy Crush Saga)

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