Meet Tiffi’s best friend Yeti

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Tiffi is a very happy little girl and is loved by many.  For example, Mr. Yeti (also known as Yeti) runs the Yeti Shop where the player can buy boosters.  He is Tiffi’s best friend in the Candy Kingdom and is by her side through all her adventures. He’s definitely the coolest guy in Candy Town but a little slow to respond sometimes.  Legend has it, it’s because he’s busy eating delicious chocolate in his home in the Chocolate Mountains. It’s really hard to get him to stop because they are just so yummy!  

 He is always very sleepy.  He bathes in a big bath of soda, five times a day because it makes his fur sparkle.  When Tiffi first meets him, he is asleep, but she manages to wake him up.  Mr. Yeti used to introduce the timed levels.  Tiffi meets up with him again in Toffee Tower and wakes him up with an air horn which causes him to lose his balance and fall down from the tower.  In the Sugar Shrubs episode, Tiffi combs his fur to make it untangled.  In the Pastry Peaks episode, he was baking a three-layered cake for Tiffi’s visit, but it got burned.  Tiffi uses her magical paint brush to sugarcoat the sooty mess.  He is having fun at the masquerade in the Meringue Mansion episode. 


So, let’s join Tiffi now on her adventures through Chocolate Mountains here.

At any time during her travels, you can also view a video of all her adventures:

 The Candy Kingdom part 1 (Candy Crush Saga)

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