Please welcome the Superstars of the New program!



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  • I love the farm heroes saga game I am addicted. But I am stuck in the event on number 9 with trying t9 figure out how to get the clams
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    Thank you for the warm welcome <3

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    Congratulations to the superstars team!
    Maybe I am too welcomed like this some day....
    Do you want a tournament mode in Shuffle Cats? Vote for it here
    Do you like Candy crush tales? Do you feel bad that it is not in the list of king's games and has not got a community? Get it in the list and vote for adding a community here.
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    To each of you:

    Beginner's Corner

    Check it out! It's not just for beginners of the game. Are you new to the Community? Click on the links below and check it out!


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    Congratulations 🎊 to our new super star members .You all did an unbelievable work. For your hard work , dedication , positive mind and speciality you earned this achievement. Once again congrats 👏👏👏👏👏🌷🌷🥀🥀🌹🌹🌹🌹
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    Pla give me also gold bar pls 
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    Hola. Soy nueva acá. Soy una Candy adicta. Después de un tiempo desarrollas mas inteligencia con este super juego, porque tus neuronas crean nuevas conexiones y más agilidad mental.
    Y me ha ayudado mucho mientras estuve enferma.
    Bravo Candy!!!

    =) o:) <3 =)
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    Thank you everyone @MiaChristine @Joseph45 ; @SeraphicStar @Nimonimonimo ; @Sue_B ; and @saima212  for the congratulations - I really appreciate it.  It's very exciting to join this wonderful team of both veterans and my fellow new superstars.
    Welcome to all the New Hot Shots SUPERSTAR'S 🎉🎉🎉
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    So se consegue beneficios e recompencas sendo super star...Entao para que vale a pena tentar pois nao sei criar pagina minha nao me mascaro para o allowin pois ...Sejam felizes sempre!!!Eu no face dou sempre a melhor opiniao e recomendo os vossos jogos.Dou sempre o maximo de estrelas possiveis pois eu adoro vos!!!Partilho no face e comento e Digo para quem nao joga jogar pois eu Adoro!!!FACO O QUE ESTA AO MEU ALCANCE...MSS NAO CHEGA POIS NAO???
    NUNCA TEREI OU GANHAREI BARRAS DE OURO BOOSTERS .POIS NUNCA LA CHEGAREI A SUPER STAR .Acho que talves nao me achem como deveria ser para entrar na vossa comunidade...Tenho pena...
    I'm very happy to join the King SuperStar Community and I great all elder members as I 've just came to register.
    Kind regards 
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    QueenB said:
    Dear community,

    This is an exciting announcement to make! After more than 50 applications and loads of conversation, it is our pleasure to announce that we have our new team of Superstars. star 

    Please help us welcome, our new 7 amazing Superstars!


     From now on, you will see them here and there, helping you, having fun with you and overall making this Community fantastic! Together with the rest of all of you they will make this new 2019 an amazing year! 

    star Here's to them! Cheers and thank you all! star 

    The Community Team 

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