Genie Jellybeanie to the rescue!

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When arriving at the Palm Sugar Oasis, she sees Genie Jellybeanie.  “Still looking for that sister of yours? I met her acquaintance a long time ago. Of course, I can take you to Tiffi. I'm a Genie! Hold on! Time travel can be bumpy.”   Off they go! 


“And here's your sister, Tiffi! So eager. Look, she's already broken the robot's tie off!,” he said.  “Tiffi's fixes were too much. That's why the present is so soda-soaked. Shall we return?”

Kimmy and Tiffi are so excited to see each other.  Kimmy thanks Genie Jellybeanie for all his help.  He gets back in his bottle and the two sisters hug and kiss.


Vanilla Beard gives Kimmy advice here.

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